Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law Process

I am trained in the practice of Collaborative Family Law. I offer my clients service which may be appropriate for some, but not for all. The objective in the collaborative family law process continues to be the negotiation of a separation agreement. The key difference is both parties and their lawyers sign a contract that requires both lawyers to withdraw their services if a settlement cannot be reached. This means that neither lawyer can provide representation if the matter proceeds to court. It follows that the parties and the lawyers work hard toward a collaborative settlement.

Collaboratively trained family law lawyers are committed to: reducing conflict in families; promoting positive and effective communication between spouses; focusing on solutions rather than positions; transparency in regard to complete financial disclosure; achieving fair and equitable results; reviewing rights and obligations according to law; representing clients in a collaborative environment; and making the process cost-effective.

Supportive grandparents with granddaughter. A supportive family themed stock photo.