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William J. Doran, B.S.W. LL.B LL.M (Family Law), Barrister & Solicitor

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Hi, my name is Wil Doran and I am the creator of this site. I decided to create this site after working in children’s mental health for over 13 years and practicing Family Law for the past 17 years. After spending many years watching how separation and divorce affected children, I decided to create this site with a view to promoting a better way to resolving family conflict. I am not creating anything new here, I am simply directing people toward what I believe are healthy processes that will lead to solutions.

I completed my undergraduate education in philosophy/religious studies in 1985 and social work in 1994. I graduated from law school at the University of Western Ontario in 1997 and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1999. Whether the issues have been spiritual, psychosocial or legal, my focus has been on families throughout my career.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, I worked in Toronto and London, Ontario at the following social service agencies:

I completed a Masters of Law degree at Osgoode Law School in 2010, focusing solely on Family Law, mainly because I didn’t like what I experienced as a practicing lawyer and wanted to press the reset button on my own practice. I wanted to be better for those that asked me for help.

I have also gone through separation and divorce myself and know how the pain and fear can paralyze you. Even with a wealth of education and experience that would seem to say otherwise, when it happens to you, it does not matter. The stages we all go through are similar. Not unlike death, the loss one experiences when separating from a spouse can lead to denial, anger, bargaining and depression. The goal is to find our way to acceptance and return to healthy living at the end of this difficult transition.

I now have two adult children of whom I am very proud. They are a product of their own strengths, characteristics and resilience to conflict. Having said that, I would also credit the relationship between their mother and I, which allowed us, in time, to collect our emotions and focus on what was in our children’s best interest. That is not to say that our judgment was not impaired for a period of time, but with guidance we found our way back to healthy, functional living. A few years back I was able to sit at a table with my former spouse, her new husband and my children for dinner. I remember asking myself, how did we get there? How many people are able to get to the point of complete resolution?

Of course, no two set of circumstances are the same. That is what makes family law so complex and challenging. There is no set pathway to resolving conflict and the issues that follow. What we do have is a process that, when embraced, that can be tailored to each individual set of circumstances. A process that can be chosen that leads to solutions, rather than ongoing conflict. A road to resolution, instead of a highway to hell.

The adversarial court system all too often is the starting point for families going through separation and divorce. I would suggest that it is a system that did not have families in mind during its beginning. While strides have been made to make changes, the court system continues to be an ugly, adversarial environment where spouses go to formulate character assassinations of each other. After 17 years of practice I realized there had to be a better way. It starts with getting informed as to what is available. Information is your greatest ally when conflict arises. If I can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me.